3 Things You Must Do When Your Savings Reach $100,000

Three Investing Strategies the Wealthy Use That You Should Consider Right Now

Well done! You’ve worked hard and saved to finally get to the point where your savings account is looking solid. Now it’s time for the emphasis to shift from saving to making your money work more actively.

These three moves just might be what you need to keep your money growing. Best of all? It only takes a few minutes to check them out and see which ones are best for you.

Find the Right Solution for Your Unique Situation

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t know how to save.

But there comes a time when it makes sense to research how to sharpen up you savings patterns and look for ways to fine tune your spending and your income streams.

(1) FI/RE

At Positive Income Properties we will be releasing the FI/RE movement in Australia. What is FIRE? Financial Independence/ Retire Early

We will be opening up our new website shortly and it will include a free and easy tutorial on how to Budget, Save and Create a passive income that will allow you to follow a plan to reduce the number of years you have to work and retire early with a passive income.

If you are interested in learning how to do this please join our Facebook page below and we will help you save and work to retire early. We are signing off on the tutorial modules and have earmarked the 1st of February to launch.


(2) Financial Planner

Next tactic is working with an experienced professional who can advise you on what to do to better diversify your portfolio is always a good idea. But who has time to sift through thousands of advisor profiles?

A financial advisor is a professional who works for their clients and have government guidelines they must adhere to.

There’s not much to lose, with no cost to discover the services and no obligation to hire the advisor. We have advisors who are accredited, and they will make sure you’re on the road to financial freedom.

If you would like a free introduction meeting to find out more email us at bookings@positiveincome.com.au and we will book your first meeting free with a financial advisor.

(3) Fractional Property Investment

Rental real estate is popular as an additional, passive income for the long haul. Unlike investing in stocks, real estate is somewhat shielded from the constant ups and downs of the market and has offered a return of up to 6% over time, which makes it a smart way to diversify your portfolio.


You have your nest egg so It’s simple to get started:

Contact us and we will show you the high yield properties you can be part of, decide how big portion you want to own and watch for property appreciation and watch rental income payments.

Investing in real estate is a great option for anyone looking to build long-term wealth that can stand up to risk and market volatility.

Bottom Line:

It’s just as important to make your money work for you as it is to save. Some key strategies include hedging your savings against inflation with an investment like gold or silver and building passive income through real estate investments. The right financial advisor can give you the best advice for your unique situation.

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