Our 1 - 3 YEAR Rental Guarantee

Other properties have more than 5 to 10 years!

We’ve secured all of our rental property deals with an option of 1 to 3-year rental guarantee agreement from our partner builders.

What it means for YOU

A rental guarantee provides owners with the assurance that they will continue to receive rent on their property.

Many investors choose to buy properties with a guaranteed rent return so that they avoid the risk of vacancy, missed rent payments and, in some cases, property management fees.

There are several main types of properties with guaranteed rental returns:

  • Department of Housing (housing commission) rentals.

  • Department of Defence / Defence Housing Australia (DHA) rentals.

  • Off the plan units with a developer’s rental guarantee.

  • Display homes sold to an investor then rented back to the builder until the rest of the houses in the development are sold.

You may DOWNLOAD one of our rental guarantee agreements HERE and check out what it covers.

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