POSITIVE INCOME PROPERTIES 2023 and 2024 News & Updates

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and are excited as much as we are for this upcoming year.

  • From the Covid build stock shortages and delays we saw the residential property investment market expand and enquiries and demand grow greatly in the second part of 2023.
  • We had massive increase in the year for properties sold, builds started, and new subscribers attracted to our website.
  • We had over 5,700 new subscribers to our Blogs, Articles and Property of the Week (POTW) reports.
  • Our team spoke to 2,145 people who wanted to discuss “who we are and what we do”. From this activity at this moment, we currently have 76 new build investment properties that are in the system that will deliver our clients great returns as well as the benefits of growth and tax benefits. We have everyone from new to the property market owners to sophisticated buyers who are on their third and fourth properties with us in the mix of buyers.
  • We introduced webinars that allowed us to expand our reach with our subscribers and clients and has allowed us to start the new year with some great new opportunities.
  • Our new professional associates in brokerage, insurance, conveyancing as well as developers and builders has allowed us to reach the numbers above.

We are adding new features to Positive Income Properties, one being a learning system on how to budget and save for a debt free future and the ability to have a passive income in the coming years.

I saw this idea in the USA in 2019 and believe it will help people who want to buy property for the rental income and what it will do for their lifestyle, but do not know where to start, take an informed step to an investment property. We will introduce our clients to the game changing principles of how to save and budget for passive income that will help them retire and have a comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free retirement.

Please look at the new Facebook page for a sneak peek at the concept.

Our new and exciting properties and products that will help our current and new clients to invest in hybrid Positive Income Properties.

Fractional ownership, an investment that will allow a lower entry point as well as the opportunity to place your funds into diverse properties. This will allow people who want to have a diverse cover of properties the opportunity to do so.We will also be introducing new modular built properties that will improve the  build times dramatically as well as improve energy ratings, acoustics and fire ratings (BAL).

Have a look at our new PIP Build website that will be branching out to other types of residential builds.

Our Property Of the week will be out next Friday and we will have a lot of new locations and properties added in the coming weeks, so please email or call if you need help with finding the best investment property for you to start the PIP journey, regards.

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