Toowoomba Two HPS and carer SDA

It was a busy Australia Day weekend as I took the time to get away from emails and to drive around South East Queensland, looking at new SDA and Investment opportunities we have in the registration stage.This Toowoomba SDA is about to be handed over and we have participants ready to move in, due to the design, location and large bedroom and living areas.

So here are some numbers that will help you understand that NDIS SDA is one of the best residential investments in the world, and has the Australian government backing the rental income, not a developer, marketer, or real estate agent!

The turnkey price was $762,000.To replace the property now with the current land and build costs, it would cost $885,000.Income will be $167,032 per year, or $3,212 per week. That is a massive 22% return.Just so you know, the NDIS has been increasing the rental payments since the start of SDA properties over five years ago, and this figure will change. We have depreciation schedules on properties like this that will allow tax benefits of $12,000 to $16,500 per year.

If we had fitted Sprinkler systems, which we are now offering in most locations, the income would have increased by $6,206 per year to $173,238This property has a lovely outside area and large grassed areas, and it’s close to shops, cafes and doctors.

If you want a great product that will enable you to have a positive income that can pay itself off and will help you retire with a great passive income, please connect with us and we will help you with your goals, aspirations and within your Budget.

Gil Elliott

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