Optimising SDA Design: Advantages of Larger Spaces and Sprinkler Systems

As an SDA (Supported Disability Accommodation) building broker,

(1) Let us look at the benefits of building a larger SDA with two participants and two living areas, complete with sprinkler systems,

(2)  As opposed to a smaller SDA accommodating three participants with only one living area and no sprinklers.

The reason I am asking this question is because we deliver properties that fit the (1) type as our SDA providers and also the participants advise us that they want to live in a large build, with multiple living areas, and one other participant in the SDA. Please see the top reasons our SDAs are some of the best in value , that is cost per square meter and including Sprinklers for peace of mind.

Space and Comfort: A larger SDA of more than 220 square metres provides enough space for each participant, allowing for greater comfort and independence. With two living areas, there is more space for activities, relaxation, and socialising. This extra space has the potential to significantly improve the residents’ overall well-being and quality of life.

Privacy and Personalisation: Having two living areas in the larger SDA provides greater privacy and personalisation. Participants can have their own designated areas for relaxation, hobbies, or entertaining guests, which promotes a sense of ownership and individuality.

Accessibility and Mobility: With more space, participants who use mobility aids or wheelchairs can navigate the living areas more comfortably. This encourages independence while lowering the risk of accidents or injuries caused by cramped spaces.

Safety and Security: The addition of sprinkler systems improves the overall safety of the SDA. In the
event of a fire, sprinklers can quickly extinguish flames, reducing property damage and saving lives.
This added safety feature gives participants and staff peace of mind.

Flexibility and adaptability: Larger SDAs provide more layout and design options. Participants may have a variety of needs and preferences, and having two living areas allows for customisation to meet individual requirements. Whether its’ setting up specialised therapy spaces or creating quiet zones for relaxation, the extra room allows for customised solutions to improve the living experience.

Community and Social Interaction: While the smaller SDA may feel more congested with three participants sharing one living area, the larger SDA with two living areas promotes social interaction while also providing opportunities for solitude when necessary. This balance promotes a sense of community among participants while also respecting their personal preferences for social engagement.

Long-term Sustainability: Investing in sprinkler systems ensures that the SDA will be sustainable and resilient in the future. It demonstrates a commitment to safety standards and reduces the risks associated with fire hazards. By prioritising safety measures, the larger SDA can ensure that its residents have a safe and supportive environment for years to come.

In summary, constructing a larger SDA with two participants and two living areas, complete with sprinkler systems, provides numerous advantages, including increased space, comfort, safety, and flexibility. These positive aspects contribute to participants’ higher quality of life by providing a supportive and inclusive environment tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

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