shared accommodation

Shared Accommodation and Co-Living Housing: Investing in High Need and High Income Residential Property

As the housing landscape in Australia continues to evolve, innovative living arrangements like shared accommodation are becoming increasingly popular. As metro areas grow denser and the demand for affordable, flexible housing options increases, communal housing has emerged as an ideal solution that offers lucrative opportunities for investors. But what is co-living housing, and why is it worth investing...

fractional property investment

Diversify Your Portfolio with Fractional Property Investment

Australians love investing in property…and with good reason. Property investment can provide a passive income, long-term appreciation and a lower level of risk compared to some other investments. It’s no wonder that over 2 million Australians now own investment properties. But there’s more to successful property investment than just owning a rental property. Savvy investors need to be constantly on...

passive income ideas

Passive Income Ideas: How to Diversify and Build Your Investment Property Portfolio for Positive Cash Flow

In today's economic landscape, achieving financial stability and security is a top priority for many Australians. One effective way to build wealth is to generate passive income with an investment property. However, simply owning one or two properties may not be enough to secure the financial future you’re hoping for. How can you protect your assets while steadily building up your investment portfolio?...

Advantages of Investing in Co-living Properties Over NDIS SDA

The Superior Advantages of Investing in Co-living Properties Over NDIS SDA

Investing in real estate can offer a wide range of opportunities for financial growth and community development. One particular avenue that's gaining popularity is shared living houses, which provide distinct advantages over NDIS SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) properties. These advantages span from financial benefits to broader market appeal and a sense of community integration. In this...

asset protection

Asset Protection for Investment Property Owners

Do you have an asset protection plan? It could be the key to securing your financial future. During the 2022-23 financial year, the Australian Financial Security Authority recorded 9,930 personal insolvencies. That’s almost 10,000 Australians who may have had assets seized to repay debts.Despite this, many investment property owners don’t have any asset protection strategies in place. This leaves them...

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