The Next Big Thing in Property Investing: Remote real estate investing

Access to nationwide inventory and a complete suite of property investing services helps investors buy beyond their backyard. This and the current pandemic has then paved the way for an increased number of investors that do remote real estate investing.

Property prices in major cities are at an all-time high so first-time home buyers and savvy investors are all eyes in regional areas and interstate to build their portfolios.

Property prices are booming across major cities and along Australia’s East Coast. Economists in Sydney alone predicted a 19% rise in 2021.

With the current trend of city prices at an all-time high, savvy investors are scouting regional and interstate areas where properties are still affordable but still promises higher returns and capital growth.

Buying in regional areas close to major cities has been happening for quite a while now, but due to the pandemic – it has greatly increased with no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Remote Property Investing – What is it?

Remote property investing is when you have investment property/ies in another city, state, or regional centre outside of where you reside. Since the pandemic, property investors have changed the way they see property. People are now considering unfamiliar territories for opportunities.

New Technologies and Fintech

With the advancement of technology, more tools and information are available across all platforms. Property can be viewed using 3D, augmented realities, and via virtual tours.

Discussion and signing are all via software and apps that can be accessed, signed, and reviewed even on just any mobile device. COVID – 19 has brought about an unconventional way of buying properties that need not be viewed on-site and in the comfort of buyer’s homes.

Access to Professionals and Consultants

With this shift, engaging consultants and professionals have become the core of purchasing properties off-site and remotely. Buyers are educated and well-informed now more than ever.

There are still pros and cons but the key is to be able to work with people who can gear you towards the right decisions. Educate yourself and gather all the data and information you can get. Do all the double checks until you are 100% certain all is good to sign off on.

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