Why Buy Regional? Here are a couple of reasons why investing in a property in regional areas works.

The landscape is changing from FOMO ( Fear of missing out ) to FOOP ( Fear of overpaying).

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So what to do?

Go west or north as regional properties have the following attributes:

  1. Larger and Cheaper land blocks, that are currently registered
  2. Record low vacancy rates
  3. An interstate Sea/ Green movement
  4. No time pressure on the local trades due to SE QLD
  5. NSW Flood repairs
  6. Exceptional overall value compared to South East Queensland

When deciding to invest in a property, there are a lot of things to look into – whether long-term or short-term – do not be blinded by one-sided facts.

A lot of regional investment properties were commonly used for tourism like AirBnB etc – but times are changing and people are now moving from metro to regional where they can work from home. Where they can both work and relax with a lower cost of living and a healthier lifestyle – at least that’s what it has become now that the world can see pandemics in dense areas are worst.

We all know that properties close to the CBD generally have strong capital growth as population and demand grow. Metro areas also have varying rental yields – high or low it is highly dependent on maintenance and management costs which are usually high.

From an investor’s outlook, affordability is a major issue when considering buying into metro areas.

This pushes investors with a limited budget to look elsewhere or adjust their property portfolio goals.

Investing in regional locations has now become even more popular since homes in Sydney and Melbourne have in certain areas, begun falling in value.

But just a note – not all regional markets are equal, while some represent good investment opportunities, others can be money pits, with high vacancy rates and low growth prospects that can be a problem in the long run.

How do you know where to look then?

It all starts with the data and support of a property consultant who can present both the risks and rewards of an investment property.

If you want to spend less, have a higher rate of return, and not have to wait until later in the year to start building call or email to find out where we can get you into a regional investment that is creating a passive income, quicker than you think.

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